On-Site Prospecting for New Propane Customers

Do you want to use propane at your home or business, but you aren’t sure where to start? Lake Arthur Butane & Propane is here to help! We have over seven decades of experience serving Lake Arthur, Lake Charles, and the surrounding towns with professional propane services. On-site prospecting is one of our specialties. This is the first step for adding propane to a home or job site. Once you contact us, you can sit back and relax as we assess your property and propane needs. It’s really that simple!


Add Propane to Your Home or Business

Request an on-site prospecting visit from Lake Arthur Butane & Propane to get started.


Propane Solutions for My Home or Business in Southwest Louisiana

For most homeowners and business owners, the choice to switch to propane is an easy one. Propane gas is one of the most sought after energy options in Louisiana because it is safe, affordable, and efficient, especially when compared to other energy alternatives! If your property isn’t already equipped for propane, that’s where things can start to feel overwhelming. We know that the technical jargon can be a lot to take in. But that’s where we come in! The experts at Lake Arthur Butane & Propane are here to simplify the process.

On-Site Prospecting from Lake Arthur Butane & Propane

  • Experts visit your home, business, or build site
  • Determine which propane solutions are best, based on the property and your needs
  • Identify if you should have an above ground or underground propane tank
  • Create a strategy for moving existing propane tanks, if necessary

When you request on-site prospecting services from us, you can trust that you are in good hands. We have 75 years of experience serving the propane needs of customers in the Lake Arthur region. Our service department is made up of highly trained professionals that are equipped with the skills, training, and safety knowledge to assess your propane needs and build your customized propane system and installation strategy. Contact us at the Lake Arthur office at (337) 774-2277 or at the Lake Charles office at (337) 439-4051.