Ready to Save Money With Propane? We’ll Install Your Tank in Lake Charles or Lake Arthur

Use propane without showing it with a below ground tank

If you want to switch to propane without the whole neighborhood knowing, a below ground tank is a great option. Below ground tanks are buried just a few feet underground, but still provide the same quality fuel as a tank above ground – which is why most of our customers utilize this option.

There’s no need to worry about maintenance with a below ground tank. As an added bonus, they’re a more environmentally friendly option than an above ground tank. If you want to keep your propane tank underground, call us today to make a purchase.

Keep your propane visible with our above ground tanks

Some of our customers enjoy the visibility of having an above ground tank. For maintenance, simply paint it regularly, but the regulator needs to be changed only every 15-20 years. Additionally, our above ground tanks are available for yearly lease as well as purchase.

Stop by our store in Lake Charles or Lake Arthur, LA today to learn more about our above ground and in ground propane tank installation.

Underground tank installation.Posted by Lake Arthur Butane/Propane Co. on Wednesday, August 13, 2014